Tipping and Fortune Cookies by MR
January 9, 2008, 5:39 am
Filed under: Restaurants

Tipping–it’s a world I must be oblivious to. I know the 15%-20%
tipping rule for waiters at restaurants (7% for ES), but until
recently I didn’t realize there was apparently a rarely-spoken
etiquette for tipping all over the place. Tipping your maids at a
hotel? Tipping the person who washes your hair at a hair salon? Fine,
I agree, perhaps tipping for a job well done–done to an
extraordinarily well degree–the reason to tip is legitimate.
Example–You get your clothes washed, and you get them back and they
are cleaner the ever, folded perfectly, and smell great–sure, I’ll
throw in a few extra bucks (keep in mind, most people here in NYC has
someone else do their laundry–great service, but that’s another
fodder). However, there is no way I’m tipping a hotel maid for
cleaning my room–that is her job–if she makes my bed and gives me a
clean towel, that’s her essential job responsibilities. wash my hair?
no tip–what did you do so well that made it worth $6 more dollars?
Not to mention on TV i’ve seen so much about what to tip this holiday
season–they actually brought up tipping your postman–huh?

Another thing–fortune cookies. Anyone notice that there are rarely
fortunes in those things anymore? Usually it’s a statement, not a
prediction. “You are close to your family”. What the F? not a
fortune. “You will experience bad karma for not tipping your hair-
washer” — now that’s a fortune.



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