The Hotel Toilet Paper Fold by MR
January 9, 2008, 5:23 am
Filed under: Hotels

i stay at hotels every week. i’ve stayed at 7 different hotels in the
past 3 months. every one of them folds the first sheet of toilet paper
on the dispenser by folding under the corners. a few questions keep

1) what does the folding do? it must be for aesthetic purposes, but
that means that “they” think it looks better like that. i don’t. in
fact, i unfold the corners so i don’t get an uneven disbursement of
toilet paper when i go to wipe my ass. so really, they’re making more
work for me. they’re taking precious time away from me that i could be
using to delete names/phone numbers out of my cell phone of people i
don’t remember putting in there. if they really wanted to be helpful
and make my shitting experience wonderful, they’d give me a padded
toilet seat with a plasma screen mini-TV in front of me. or maybe just
softer toilet paper.

2) i’ve stayed at high-end and low-end hotels that fold. do the maids
from various hotels get together to coordinate this? where did
this “standard” come from? i could see lower end hotels doing “the
fold” to make a shitty hotel look a little “fancier”–like they took
that extra moment to make their guest feel important–but really, if
you’re staying at the westin or ritz, you’re going to pay attention to
the heavenly bed, not the toilet paper origami.



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