Overhead Storage Bins by MR
January 9, 2008, 4:48 am
Filed under: Air Travel

To: Flight Attendents
From: Management
Re: Standard Operating Prodecure (SOP) for overhead storage bins.

Operations has received several questions recently that were sent up the ladder (UTL) about the overhead storage bins on our aircraft that we would like to address. When the overhead storage bin does not close, it is appropriate procedure to stand on the armrest of the seat across the isle from the overhead storage bin in order to apply one’s weight to the storage bin door to close the door. Do not, under any circumstances, rearrange the luggage inside to fit the storage bin OR remove luggage from the storage bin. Remember, no matter what is in the overhead storage bin, the door WILL close given the proper amount of force. Further, the overhead storage bin door must be closed at all costs.
Failure to close the door will not only be humiliating to you, but it will be noted on your permanent record.

Please remit any questions to your immediate supervisor. And most of all, thank you for your hard work and for keeping our skies safe and fun! Go team!


So this is a first: I’m on a flight to Chicago and sitting next to me is a midget. An actual midget. What are my responsibilities in terms of helping her get her bags from the overhead compartment?


UPDATE: the midget stood on the seat to get her bag. It was very methodical and I can tell she was a frequent flier.



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