Blue Shirt Memo by MR
January 9, 2008, 5:20 am
Filed under: Work

This is an addendum (horrible office word) or example scenario for
ES’s “shirt memo” Fodder entry from some time ago…I wore a shirt today that happened to be very similar to a shirt that
a coworker of mine was wearing. Not quite as common as the blue dress
shirt, but a blue striped polo and nothing out of the ordinary. I
happen to work closely with this dude and on an average day we can be
seen together fairly frequently. If I was given a nickel for every
time today that I heard “Oh I didn’t get the memo” or some variation,
I would have about 85 cents. Why the memo joke? I would expect more
gay jokes than anything else. But even the funnier of our coworkers
stooped to the memo joke level. Very disappointing.

Why a nickel? Why not a three-legged dog? Why not a bag of concrete?


hahahah….great fodder. and the answer to the “why no gay
comments…?” is that gay guys would never wear a plain, blue striped

and i decided about a year ago to forego the “nickel” and opt for the
“if i had a dollar…”. but you’re right, why is it money anyway? i
like the bag of concrete idea.


I like the upgrade to a dollar. You have got to adjust for inflation. 85 cents may have bought you dinner for two in 1920 but you can’t even ge a can of pop with thtat now.


Going back to the gay comments for a sec, straight guys don’t know
that gay guys wouldn’t wear a plain blue striped polo (for example, I
didn’t know that until you just said it, but good to know). So I
maintain that I expected to hear more “oh, did you guys call each
other to see what you were going to wear?”



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