Post-Holiday Corporate Small Talk by fodder4thought
January 3, 2008, 10:48 pm
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I love the holidays just as much as anyone else. And for the most part, the people I work with are actually pretty cool too. But holidays + work people = really dry, requisite chatter about what everyone did. It’s the holiday equivalent of the Larry David “stop-and-chat”.

Across the board and no matter one’s geography or work setting, the conversations all say the same thing and can really can be summed up into 4 ideas: (1) Yes, we all ate too much; (2) No, the time away from work wasn’t long enough; (3) Yes, the holidays were more stressful/busy than anticipated; and (4) No, I can’t believe how quickly the holiday came and left.

The painful thing is that for approximately the first 10 work days after a holiday, this “How was your holiday?” question is uttered over and over and over again. And if someone asks you, what they are really asking you is, “Come on! Please, please, please ask me about my holiday! And I can’t wait to bore you out of your f-ing mind and simultaneously complain about my job!”


(5) Yes, I need a holiday from my holidays.

 I also can’t believe how original/funny people think they are when they say these things, even though they know that you know that they know that they have heard all of those lines a bagazillion f-ing times.  People seem to think that (1) and (5) are just plain drop-dead hilarious.  Since part of my job is being positive and supportive, it takes every ounce of self-control for me not to look at them with a blank, condescending stare to suggest “I can’t believe you just scraped bottom for that one.  Tell me about an old relative’s colostomy bag before you say something like that to me.”



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